Not-So-Happy Days

I gotta admit, I'm freaking out here. Calmer now, but... oh boy.

Let me back up a bit.

Two by two, gloves of blue black

So, over the weekend, a bunch of people got a little survey thing from Better Be. Not particularly complicated, and we got $20 for filling it out, so of course I did just that. $20 for me! Yeah, and then it wasn't so cool any more. That "anonymous survey" landed two creeps at my front door. A man and a lady in suits and sunglasses, masks, gloves - which by the way weren't those cheap clear plastic things, these were black, high-end gloves, like for working on cars or whatever. They asked a bunch more questions, and ended with asking about my mom, which... they shouldn't know about. She doesn't even get on VR at all, the cables interfere with... well anyway. And it wasn't "Oh how's your mom", either, it was more like "Be a shame if your mom lost her insurance" threats. Freaked me right the hell out.

Anyway, sorry, this is supposed to be about gaming too, right?

Kal, Dave, and I headed back into Noir Detective, this time to investigate a rumor that the police station held some answers. First, we beat up Officer Jones, that sexist jerk of a cop that writes you up for walking too close to him, which was really relaxing, especially after my day. We knocked him out, tied him to a garbage bin, and stole all his clothes. Glorious!

Then, after quite a bit of discussion, we headed into the police station - Kal/Dapper Dan wore the uniform, and managed to get back to the cafeteria unnoticed (he did get asked to file some papers, though). He jammed the back door alarm, and let Dave/Kenny in. Some of the crooks waiting to be shown back to the jail started a fight, and the two realized they didn't have a way to get past the security door without lockpicking, so they came back, re-jammed the door, and got me inside too. We slipped past the guards - Dapper Dan got sidelined again, but got out of it - then spent quite a while going through boxes. We didn't find a lot of info, but we did find a fancy cigarette case, with "RK" on it. Same cigarettes as the ones in the park! Score!

A detective came in, and while I managed to hide, the other two weren't so lucky. That said, they clobbered the guy, and swiped his stuff. Got some cash, a revolver, handcuffs - good stuff. Yep, that's me, reduced to mugging cops in a police station.

Book 'em, (Dapper) Danno

It was time to go, but the fight in the hallway had died down, and the extra cops were swarming around. Dapper Dan managed to talk his way past by ad-libbing that he was taking Kenny outside to "smack him around a little bit" - and the guy bought it! It was honestly one of the best moments yet. The cop looks him up and down, then gives this little nod and says, "L.T. said not ta do dat any more... but hey, sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do."

So, we start heading out, but the cop calls us back. "Oh, here, don't forget this-" and hands him a phonebook. Too perfect!

That was the end of our little adventure, but not for Kal... the same creeps that visited me showed up at his place, too. They asked the same questions, including some creepy threat-questions at the end, but he played dumb, and they left. It's really getting me worried, though, that they might suspect something is going on. This is way too close to the other stuff going on for comfort.

Oh, and thinking of too close for comfort, Dave was doing some research, and found more comments from people that seemed to have things that went... badly, like causing depression, mental problems, and so on. Weird stuff...