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Thursday was payday! Woo! Oh, and we're not dead, it's just been... well, you know how it is. I think after so many nights of little sleep, everyone needed a couple days to do just that. So, Thursday was actually spent doing a little research (into Pinstripe: a secretive mob boss, Big Tiny's boss; rumored to be part of the next patch release, which is new info), and looking into a way to travel to Albuquerque. Plane tickets are expensive, and by car, even ignoring wear-and-tear, would be something like $250 round trip, just for gas. There were a number of ways to finance the trip that came up, from stealing drugs from work, to acting as drug or money mules, to male prostitution, to assassins-for-hire, but the end result was taken care of by Charles, who called the local PD and asked for a wellness check for Tessa. It took a bit for them to get back to us, but... Tessa was dead. She'd been dead for a couple days, too, which means she probably actually  died, right when t

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